White Rotten Wood

The finely ground, white rotten wood is a special soil supplement. This material comes from wood that has already undergone decomposition processes, offering an immediate source of nutrition for stag and rhinoceros beetles. This type of soil has not been enriched with additives to preserve its final form without further decomposition.

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Starting at 6,500 Ft
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The White Rotten Wood can be excellently used as a standalone substrate for numerous stag beetle species. However, for optimal results, it is recommended to mix it with other soils at a ratio of 15-20%. In the case of overly moist soil, its moisture-absorbing properties enable it to stabilize the medium. Additionally, it serves as a food source for other saproxylic animals and arthropods, such as isopods, cockroaches, and millipedes, complementing their diet.
Net weight: 1750-2200 (10L)