The animals in our care come from our very own breeding facility, and we ensure they receive the highest level of care and the best possible living conditions before they find their new homes. Our passion lies in guaranteeing the well-being of insects and animals, and we adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to accomplish this.

Our facility is an eco-friendly and meticulously maintained environment, where we create an ecosystem that is ecologically and healthily sustainable for our animals. We provide quality living conditions, including optimal temperature, humidity, and nutrition.

Before any of our animals are made available for sale, we conduct thorough checks of their condition and viability. Only individuals that are in excellent health and condition are offered for sale. We offer detailed guidance and support to all buyers to help them take care of the purchased insects in their new homes.

Products & Accessories

With our housing and breeding accessories, you can easily and efficiently care for your beetles. Our products help maintain the proper temperature and humidity while creating comfortable living spaces for your insects.

The soils we offer are carefully curated to ensure the right texture and nutrients for your beetles. These substrates contribute to the health and well-being of your insects.

To ensure the nutrition of mature beetles, we also provide high-quality food. These foods have the right composition to meet all of their dietary needs.

Furthermore, our website is a rich source of information about beetles. Here you can find tips and advice to better understand and care for your beetles.


If you're a collector, then you've come to the right place to find those special treasures that will help you preserve and showcase the fascinating world of beetles and insects.

With entomological specimens, collectors have a unique opportunity to preserve beautiful beetles and insects over time. These prepared specimens remain true to their original colors and details, allowing you to admire them at any time.

Our time-tested methods and the highest quality materials ensure that each specimen's preparation requires careful work and precision, so collectors can be satisfied. Explore our selection to discover the diversity of the world of beetles and insects, making your collection even more exciting and valuable.