Kawara Kinshi

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An excellent quality and efficient tool for breeding stag beetles, the Kinshi containers offers soil that provides an optimal environment for the larvae's development. This special soil is composed of hardwood sawdust interwoven with mushroom mycelium, thus realistically simulating natural conditions. By providing the larvae with ideal nourishment and environment, this soil type allows for the cultivation of record-sized individuals.

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The kinshi containers are very beginner-friendly, arriving pre-prepared with proper ventilation and water content, making them convenient for keeping stag beetles.

The Kawara (Trametes versicolor) kinshi type used to be the standard version in Japan until it was largely replaced by Ohiratake and Hiratake. It is mandatory for Allotopus and Mesotopus species since only this type is accepted for oviposition and larval feeding. It is recommended to place the larvae into the Kinshi box from the L2 stage.

The kinshi not only provides an excellent breeding environment but can also be used as a dietary supplement for other arthropods such as rhinoceros beetles, millipedes, and cockroaches. Thus, Kinshi is useful and versatile for various arthropod breeding projects.
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